Scamp & Dude

Today is a big day. This time last year, girlfriend to many of us in the industry – Jo Tutchener-Sharp, had just had a brain haemorrhage and was waiting for a date to come through for life-threatening (and saving) surgery.

Experiencing the heartache of being separated from her children while she was in hospital for that long period of time, Jo came up with the idea of a line of clothing and interiors designed to reassure children when separated from a loved one, no matter the reason. 

The result, Scamp & Dude, launches today online and in Liberty and includes sweatshirts, tees, leggings, hoodies, ‘Superhero Sleep Buddies’ and wall stickers, alongside adult sizes of some of the hoodies.

The Sleep Buddies have a special pocket in the back to hold a photo/memento of a loved one and for every Sleep Buddy sold, one is donated to a child in need at one of Scamp & Dude’s chosen charities (more info here).

Even though SCAMP & DUDE was inspired by children separated from their loved ones, the brand has been created for all children. Who doesn’t like knowing that a superhero has their back and who doesn’t want their own special superpowers?

Poor Jo, with a massive, fresh, hidden scar right down the side of her head, putting up with these two fools backstage at The Brits earlier this year. ‘Trouper’ doesn’t come close.


Women’s versions!

Congratulations Jo. Brilliant. Just like you. 

Scamp & Dude is available exclusively at Liberty and from right now. Prices start at £26.00. Get involved.

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